Online Business Growing with Marketing and Promo

On the Road

So you've been working hard, you've got a site set up, a blog going, a FB page and an auto-responder.  You're talking SEO and meta-tags and keywords in your sleep!  You are not quite a newbie anymore but a long way from being an expert.  Now what?

Having the sites and pages isn't going to be enough in itself.  You have to get people to go to the site and not only that but to read them and like them and engage with you and hopefully, ultimately buy from you. You did start this to be an online BUSINESS, right?

  • Now you can begin the tweeking.  Learn a little about SEO and makes some improvements to your website and blog so that the search engines can find you more easily.
  • Learn a little about search words, think about how people are searching for you and how you can improve your stats so that you pop up for them when they search.
  • Hook up Google Analytics and take a look at your stats frequently.  Knowing how you are doing will help you improve. 
  • Look at your Facebook Statistics so you can improve your engagement on there as well.
  • Seek out other blogs and sites that are similar to yours and comment and like them.  Commenting on other blogs will increase your presence online.
  • Other blogs will begin linking to yours and you both win!

Keep learning.  This online world is morphing and changing as I type and as you read!  Keep up with changes and advances.  Try out new ideas.  Keep your website fresh.


The Mighty List

In order to market your products online, you need people. 

This is why everyone is talking about 'the  list,' and the importance of having one and building one!  But where do you begin?

You begin building your list offline! 

I know, I know, you said you wanted an online business but there's no harm in telling people that you've started an online business!  Online business is the same as offline in that the best advertising is word of mouth!

  • Talk to people.  Everyone and anyone who will listen and tell them that you've begun an online venture and ask if they would check out your site.  ASK them to look for you on FB and like you.  Ask them to leave a comment and to SHARE.

Ask if they would consider posting a comment on their Facebook page recommending that their friends take a look and like you! 

Most people are game for this.  They can feel good about helping  a friend without it costing them any money!

So your initial group of friends and family is recommending, liking, checking out your site.  The next group of offliners would be people that you meet and talk to throughout your day.  Tell them that you are taking your business online, ask for their card and if you can contact them online.  Send an email reminding them of who you are and a link to your website! 

Again, ask them to like your FB page.  Ask them if they know anyone else you might be interested in what you have to offer and to recommend your website.  This way your list is growing as you work on other ideas.

  • Continue to build your list and credibility by blogging.  Find a blogging platform that you are comfortable with and blog often!  Search engines will look for activity.  If you are only blogging once a month, they will never find you.  If the engines can't find you, people won't find you either!  Get your name out there. 

  • You build your list by being on YouTube and on social media such Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Linked-In!   Comment on what others are doing out there.  Be active on business sites in your industry and you will be found!  If you are going to make a go of it online, you must participate online!

  • Build your list by advertising.   If you are just starting out, you might want to begin by using pay for click sites.   This will get some people onto your list right away, with very little effort on your part.  You do not have to write ad copy you simply pay for the clicks. 

  • Build your list with solo ads.  Solo ads are much more responsive, but are not the place for the newbie.  You want a little experience writing, knowing your market and what is working to interest your customers before you spend money on solos.  With a little time and a little studying, you will be running successful solos and growing your list exponentially in no time!

This All these practices will drive traffic to your site but having people go to your site and like you won't be enough.  In order for you to grow a list, you want them to give you their information, so that you can contact them again.  Why would they do that?

Because your website should have something to offer people in exchange for their information.  Something useful.  Something related to your business that would interest your customers and potential customers.

Do you have a sample you could offer?  (careful, what if 10,000 people ask for your samples?!  Do you have them?  Can you afford to give them, ship them etc?)

Digital information is best because it can be automated, people will have it in an instant, there's no inventory for you to manage and track etc.  What kind of information do you have, related to your business, that you could share and that people would want?  We are all expert in something.  What's yours?

This is where your auto-responder will be working for you.  Put together your information in email, series of email reports or an eBook, load it into your auto-responder and when people ask, they will immediately receive their information! 

Continue to grow your list by adding new peeps through ads and marketing.  Don't forget to keep in touch with the folks who are already on there!  Once your initial report has gone out, send relevant information or a teaser from your current blog post to keep you and your site in their minds!

Building a relationship with your leads is important.  People tend to look at things several times before they actually make a decision to buy.  You want to be the one they remember when they are ready and you want to be remembered as the one who sent them helpful and relevant information!

Handy Tools and Tips

Keywords are words and phrases used in your blog and website, both in the content and the page titles and domain name, that make it possible for the search engines to find you.  When the search engines can find you, people can find you because you will turn up in their searches!

It is important to know what people are searching for in order to be sure to use the keywords that will help you be found!

WordTracker is a subscription site for digging out keywords.

WordStream is an alternative.  

YahooAnswers is another site where people ask and answer questions on anything and everything.  It is a good place to research what context and  how keywords are being searched.  This way you can see how people might look for you and you can make adjustments so that you can be found!

SEO Keyword Ranking - keep an eye on how you are ranking with this tool.

LegalZoom is an online source to create legal documents (copyrights, DBA's, even divorce, immigration, wills, real estate - you name it!  Informative, handy resource.

Video Marketing is the way to go for blogs, website, FB fan pages -- anyone wanting to get going online has got to get into videos!  Here are some sites  you might want to check out.

YouTube is a video share site.  You can discover others' videos, share them, make and share your own and watch original videos. 

DailyMotion is a French video-hosting and sharing site.  It's known for innovative and original video.  You can upload, share, comment.

MeFeedia is yet another media search site.  This one features video, t.v. shows, movies and music.  All the content is received from others.  Some is submitted and others come from RSS feed from websites and blogs.
Information, Reports, eBooks

One way to build your list is to offer some free information.  It should be timely and relevant to your site.  Remember your expertise can answer questions for others.  They are willing to buy information and they will certainly be glad to get good information for free.  Having them sign up for your mailing list in exchange for your eBook is a good way to grow relationships online. 

The Ultimate eBook Creator This program will help you create an ebook which will be formatted for Kindle, B & N, Sony and various other platforms.  Simple to use.

Or, if you are not ready to write your own, you could try something like Phil's 1200+ Ebook Pak. 
It is a collection of quality eBooks, with resale rights. is a source for eBooks, some free, others for sale.
 Finding leads who will eventually become customers is a challenge.  When you are starting out, there are enough details to consume your energy without worrying about how to write an ad, choose the right keywords, find the perfect advertising network, use the magic words that will attract customers without offending the network etc.  A PPC or Pay Per Click service will take care of all that for you and deliver traffic to your site.  You pay only per click.

CPC Broker is a pay per click provider.  They take care of all those little details for you while you  on getting up and running.  They will drive traffic to your page and when they click, they go into your auto-responder and become your lead.  Hopefully you can build a relationship so that your lead becomes a buying customer.  CPC Broker specializes in leads of people looking for home-based income opportunity.

If you are a member of Empower Network, Simple2Advertise can help you generate leads, and grow your list.  It is a membership site with custom capture pages, a Facebook timeline tool, ad co-ops and special deals, mobile phone pages and much more! 

Go to Simple2Advertise here and you'll be amazed at all the options!  (remember, this deal is for Empower Network members only)

PM Marketing or Network Leads have been around since 1998 and specialize in leads for home based business and MLM.  They provide high quality leads, a wide array of packages for every budget, systems and training, training, training.  The company is extremely customer service oriented - very helpful!  A simple way to get your lead list growing.  You can find Network Leads here.  
After you've had some time to get some leads into your system and have studied ads and marketing a bit, you might want to take a look at the Directory of Ezines for places to take out ads for more people for your list and who may be interested in your products and services. Charlie Page runs the Directory and is very selective about which Ezines he includes.  I think you will like Charlie.  His personality comes across in the pages of the directory as someone who tells it like it is! 

It is called the Directory of Ezines but it is really much more of a marketing tool.  The ezines are categorized so you can find your niche easily.  Charlie includes with each listing the size of the subscriber base, the type of ads the ezine will run, a description of the ezine and  a link.  You will immediately know how much it will cost and when it will run and if it's for you!

Charlie also includes helpful information on writing ads and on different types of advertising and is not afraid to tell you if he thinks something is a waste of money! Check out the Directory of Ezines here.
Adlandpro is an online classified ad website, providing services since 1989!  You can advertise your products or services here for free!  Of course there are upgrades and paid (low-cost) services as well.  Something for every budget. 

You will find advertising resources, tools, an ezine, promotions and tutorials for learning tips for online marketing!   Great place to get started advertising.  You can find Adland Pro here.
A friend of mine says "Google wants to do everything but cook breakfast for you." She's right!  They might even want to do that!  But there's no denying that Google has a number of tools that you will find helpful as you start on this adventure!

Google Docs - a free office suite of products including a word processor, a spreadsheet creator/editor and a presentation application among others.  It is web-based so instead of saving to your computer, you save to a Google file system and it is accessible from any computer, anywhere. 

Google Voice - phone number - available to anyone with a gmail (free email) account.  You can get a free phone number, with any area code you like.  You can route calls from this number to any phone you like i.e. your home, office, cell.  But also, you can use this number online and keep you personal information personal!  Call will route to whatever  number you have chosen and the caller is none the wiser!

Google Desktop - did you ever lose a file on your computer?  You knew it was there but you couldn't remember how you named it?  Imagine if Google could search for it with the technology they use for their search engine?  Done!

Google has an app that you add to your desktop.  Then it will search and index everything on your computer (on an off time when you are not busy).  It will index not only titles but content.  Next time you lose a file, you can "google it" on your own computer!

Google Trends - you can check by date or look at top searches in categories to see what is trending and how it trended over time!  Good info when you are marketing online!

Google Think Insights - useful info for entrepreneurs - case studies and tips to grow your business.  Also tools for maximizing your analytics and ad campaigns.

Google Webmaster Tools - reports on your pages's visibility  on Google.

And Finally Google Analytics!  Simply hook up to your site and get invaluable information, real time, on how your  site is doing!
Affiliate Disclaimer: I am disclosing that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make. Please note that I have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on this site. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions.
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