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Patt Timlin, Chief of Spot4Connections
Connecting the dots,   Earning as she's learning,
Building an online empire and
Helping you build one too!
So here I am, chief, top dog, owner of Spot4Connections. 

I'm a big fan of social marketing, whether up-close-and-personal network marketing (offline) or far-out-sometimes-impersonal online marketing!

I have a lot going on.  I work.  I spend time with my husband.  We spend time with our two dalmatians, Davey Boy Blue and Sophie Brown.  We remind ourselves every day, that the dogs did not ask to come live here!  We have a commitment to show them time and attention and give them good lives.

We travel and garden and cook, watch must-see t.v. (Downton Abbey or Premier Soccer, depending on which dot you are talking to!) and spend time with friends.  Sometimes we sleep!

On top of all that, I am working on some dreams!  I am taking guitar lessons and (now singing lessons, God help us all!)  just because I always wanted to and  because I'm not dead yet!  I'm not planning to be a rock star.  I just want to play!

I'm also working on my dream of building my own little online empire!  Internet marketing is the ticket to freedom for our little family!  I've learned so much in such a short time and continue to do so every day! 

There is a lot to learn when just starting out and I hope that Spot4Connections can help you over some of those hurdles.  Remember the main thing is to get out there!  You can be perfect next week!

As I said on the first page, the internet works by connections, not competition!   Get connected!  Get online and go for your dreams! I hope you find Spot4Connections helpful in your adventures!
Patt Timlin
Just call me Chief!

We are the proud owners of two dalmatians and very proud to be dotty!  Dals are just so darn cute so that no matter where we go, people comment on them.  All little children have seen 101 Dalmatians it seems, because the tiniest toddler is able to identify the breed!  I don't hear the kids saying 'look mom, there's an akita or a basset hound" but they all say "there's a dalmatian!" and if not they certainly say "there's the firehouse dog!"

One day we were walking and a mom was putting her little guy into the car.  He was about 4.  The child said: "look mom there's the chief."  That was new.  I was expecting "firehouse dog,' but chief?  His mom turned to look at me quizzically.  I shrugged.  I had no clue.  "Chief?" she asked.

"Well, that's the firehouse dog so that lady must be the Chief!"  Of course!

I came home and told my husband, to just call me chief!


My job revolves around medical insurance paperwork and medical plan details.  What's covered? and what's not?  and wait ... HOW much did you say that prescription was for ONE MONTH? It sure put illness perspective!  Let's do everything we can to support our bodies so we can stay healthy!

Since I was a teenager I thought the world would be a better place if we could do things naturally.  I never liked the whole idea of "better living through chemistry."    I was always on the lookout for great natural health products and  I've found a lot of them along the way! 

But I only chose to represent one company for their natural health products.  Here's the link to my site at Mannatech.  Always feel free to contact me for more information!

The John Mellencamp song said:
"Well I look in the mirror,
what the hell happened to me?
Whatever I had, has gone away
I'm not the young kid that I used to be
So I push the hair back out of my face
That's okay, I knew this would happen
But I was hopin' not today ..."

Did you ever have a day like that?!  Yeah, I did.  I mean, I know none of are getting any younger but all of a sudden those wrinkles are like CANYONS!  I decided to try some Nerium AD and have been really happy with results.

If you are interested in turning back that clock on your face, here is my link for Nerium!

Blogging is an integral part of creating an online presence.  No matter what kind of business you are in, you need a blog. Besides, it's fun! 

I decided to go with Empower Network for my blogging platform.  Why? Because we are part of a team and I have incredible support.

Because there is incredible training. (Kim Klaver described it as getting a master's degree in marketing!) 
Do as much or as little as you want to build a blog or an empire -- it's up to you!

Because you can start for as little as $25 and be blogging 5 minutes from now, LITERALLY!  Because you can earn as you learn!

Oh, and did I say it's FUN?!  Here is my link if you would like to know more about Empower Network.


Affiliate Disclaimer: I am disclosing that I will earn an affiliate commission for some purchases you make. Please note that I have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on this site. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions.
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