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Welcome to Spot4Connections!

Starting out in online marketing can be daunting! 

Spot4Connections provides insight, information and connections to others interested in making money online or starting an online business. 

The internet has us all connected via the world wide web.  It's imperative for business, ANY business to have an online presence.

The internet works not by competition but by connections! Connections will help all our businesses grow!

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A stop at Spot4Connections will provide information that you will need to get started on your online business dream, some clues on moving forward with online marketing and useful information to keep you going by making some sales!

Getting started is the hardest part.  I hope to answer those 'starter' questions for you and take away some of the overwhelm so you can get going on your online marketing adventures! 

Dream big!  The whole wide world is at your fingertips.  Start connecting, one dot at a time!

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Connecting the Dots of Online Marketing

Websites and marketing

and lists and SEO and blogs

and a niche ... it's overwhelming. 

OMG! Where to start?


Do you have a GPS in your car?  Then you know that you have to be clear about where you want to go before you set out! 

There are 13 cities in the U.S. named Springfield.  You need to be clear if you mean FL, IL, or SD or you might be in for some unintended scenic routes!

The same holds true when setting out to do your online business.  Where do you want to go with this online business? 

  • Do you want to make boku bucks? 
  • Do you want to supplement your income and make some money online while putting in a little time each week? 
  • Do you want to put in a lot of time and make a 'full-time' income?

Any or all of these are possible.  Decide where you want to go and set your success GPS!  The road you would take would be different if you were heading out for Boku bucks than to supplement your income.  There are some ideas on the Getting Started Page.

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Getting started in your own business, whether on- or offline, it not easy.  Don't let anyone tell you that you can be rich overnight or that you won't have to do any work. 

Probably the most important thing you can do before you start, is get a clear idea of what you want.  A vague dream will bring vague results! 

Take the time to get a clear vision of what you want, where you are going so that when you run into those days where the world seem out of sync, when you wonder if it's all worth it, you can put your dream out in front of you and carry on!

Lisa Kitter has put together a beautifully done, professional eBook to help you create this vision.  Click the form below to pick up your copy now!

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